Once again , the time has come to write for the forthcoming newsletter. We’ve had a good year, in one way or another weatherwise and peoples’ allotments and gardens have flourished.  The two Shows were excellent in their organisation and the support from the villagers’.  Thanks to the children from the Primary School for their large number of entries. 

We are looking for someone to organise speakers, certainly not necessarily a Committee member for future years. Surely, with a membership of 100+ there must be someone who is prepared to come forward ?? As A Committee, we are concerned that the Membership are not supporting visiting speakers. In fact only 11 people turned up at the last meeting.  It is a matter the committee will have to seriously consider for the future as how to resolve the problem.  Our 1st Committee meeting for next year is on January 9th and if anyone has any suggestions or ideas to put forward, please get into contact with Carol Hindle, our Secretary (839284). Best Wishes for 2017.                                  

Tom Benstead

 And the wise men said nurture and bring forth the fruits of the earth.

It is the time when tools have been cleaned, oiled and stowed away waiting for the sun to appear above the horizon. When there is time to sit and contemplate the seed catalogues and await the inevitable Christmas gifts of garden gloves and yet another book of how to grow the best of this and that. A time to consider what went well, what you will try differently next year and what were the disaster areas. Overall it has not been too bad a season, a longer period of dry weather at the back end of the year but we would have welcomed a more sustained run of hotter temperatures to ripen what seemed an age for the tomatoes to have turned red. We should also be attentive to the environment in which we garden and cultivate. In times of inevitable change, are we doing enough to ensure habitats for the birds and creatures that make life in the village worthwhile are being secured. Towards this endeavour it would be easy to manage our own little patch and assume someone else is taking care of this. We in the Allotments and Gardening Association need to be putting in our voice and join with other village organisations to ensure that Mammon does not win out. 

 Douglas MacCowan


The 2016 Annual Show was a great success  and thoroughly enjoyed by all who took part or attended.  Makes all the hard work worthwhile.

 The Spring Shows have seen consistently increasing entry numbers since we appealed for more members to enter 2 years ago. Thank you for your efforts and well done to all.

The 2017 Spring Show is on Saturday 8th April. Full details including a list of classes is now on the website. We have a varied programme of classes and would encourage you all to have a go.

A common comment I hear as I tour the exhibition hall is “Mine are better than that – I should have entered”, from non exhibitors. You will be surprised how many first time exhibitors do very well.

Please look at the list of classes on the website and the schedules will be ready in good time again at the AGM in January, the monthly Thursday talks, the Societies Shop on Newtown allotments Sunday mornings from 26th February and later at Addingham newsagents.

There are classes for Flowers, Plants, Floral Art, Photography, Art and Men’s Baking,

Entering is great fun – try it!

Ramon Porter

Happy New Year to all Members.  Hoping for a successful 2017.     Our AGM is January 26th where we would like to hear your comments on past years talks, suggestions for new ones.   Perhaps you would like a visit arranged somewhere – please come and give your suggestions.   There are National Gardens Scheme open for visits during the season –perhaps one of those may be an idea.

 There are 3 major concerns for 2017. The association need help in three areas.

1.We need more committee members, it is not arduous but help will be required to keep the spring and summer shows going.

 2. If talks are to continue we need someone to take on the task of finding speakers.

3. If the shop is to continue to operate we need people to help run it. This would only be two or three Sunday mornings 0930 -1200 over the year.

 Membership is steady but a large number who have not paid for 2016/2017.   This was due on October 1st 2016.   As usual cards can be paid for at Addingham Newsagents,  The Trading Hut at Sunday openings, our talks or to me Carol Hindle 9 Green Lane.   Maybe a reminder needed that if you have paid rent for an allotment this does not cover you for Allotment Association subs.

Carol Hindle

 SEED ORDERS    These are ordered in January.  If you have any orders please contact John Bottomley as soon as possible.    Thank you    john.dahlias@gmail.com   

Late news.   We have heard sad news today that Eric Nelson has died.  One of our long serving Vegetable Judges.  Im sure many of you knew him. Condolences to his family.