Our best wishes for a Happy 2019 to you all

What successes?

This was an interesting question raised at our evening on the 22nd Nov where we held a question and answer session. The night was great fun where we combined this with a plant bring and swap event. Unfortunately it was not well attended as we clashed yet again with an evening run by the Civic Society, on this we are liaising with them to prevent it happening again. Returning to the question, if the summer continues at these temperatures the suggestion was try peanuts. Not quite so outrageous when you consider pineapples were once grown- albeit with a lot of staff and manure.

As we morph into winter away go the tools cleaned and greased and out come the seed catalogues, remember you can get a very good deal via Peter Cooke. The shop is in hibernation but will reopen on the last Sunday of Feb, today I ordered new stock of multi-purpose and John Innes to arrive for then.

One very important matter that we must find a solution to concerns finding someone who can take on the duty of arranging speakers. Sue Appleyard has done a sterling job but with her many other commitments she is not able to continue. The talks for the remainder of 18/19 are arranged but from autumn 2019 onward we need help. The talks over autumn/winter are a vital part of keeping the Society going and are the glue that enables us to function and have the Spring and Summer shows. I therefore plead for assistance. It is not a back breaker, Sue has agreed to help whoever takes it on to get into gear and we have a reasonable sum available to fund speakers expenses. With the AGM coming in Jan, would members please give this call for help their full consideration.

Douglas McCowan Chairman

Summer trip suggestions

Thinking ahead to a possible AAGA trip next summer, a number of people who missed out on the visit to Thornton Hall Gardens near Darlington in 2017 have asked if there could be another trip there. So I’m wondering if there are others interested who went in 2017 but would like to go again. Another thought is Burton Agnes Hall in East Yorkshire who’s award-winning gardens, designed by Susan Cunliffe-Lister, are well worth a visit. Would love your comments and/or suggestions.

You can contact me on 01943 839292 or badgergate@hotmail.co.uk

Sue Appleyard

Seed Ordering Scheme

The Association have for a number of years organised a group ordering scheme on behalf of members so they can purchase seeds and other products at discounted prices from Dobies.

The scheme will continue but with a significant change for next year, which will benefit members and at the same time reduce the amount of administration involved by ourselves and Dobies. Instead of placing combined group orders on behalf of members as we have been doing, each individual member will now be able to place their orders directly with Dobies at their own convenience.

This arrangement will bring our Association’s scheme into line with those that Dobies operate for the majority of groups. Members will continue to receive a 25% discount on the catalogue cost of seeds and a 10% discount will be available against the cost of other items. The significant discounts we have been enjoying are still, therefore, available and the Association will still benefit as Dobies will pay us a rebate cheque at the end of the year based on the sales made.

For members the advantages of the change include;

  1. Being able to place any number of orders when they like using the most convenient channel,

  2. Not having to wait for orders to be consolidated before they are placed,

  3. Knowing exactly the final, discounted, cost of their orders when they are placed,

  4. Having orders delivered directly to their own homes without any delays and

  5. Being able to take advantage of online offers and deals.

We will distribute copies of the 2019 Dobies catalogues to members who placed orders last year. Orders can then be placed by;

  1. Completing the form with details of the seeds and other items to be ordered and sending this to Dobies with payment or

  2. Placing a telephone order directly with Dobies and making a card payment or

  3. Placing an online order with Dobies from their website www.dobies.co.uk and making a card payment

If you did not take advantage of the scheme last year but would like to this year then please contact us by email, PeterCooke999@gmail.com, or telephone, 09143 830108, and we will supply you with a copy of the Dobies catalogue. Alternatively, members can contact us and we can advise you of our group’s unique order code so discounted orders can then be placed online.

If you have any difficulties using the scheme or any questions please let us know.

Peter and Jill Cooke

Secretary reminders

My usual reminder. PLEASE can we have subscriptions paid as they were due on 1st October. You should have a yellow membership card costing £4 for a household. Can be paid at Papershop, at meetings or direct to me 9 Green Lane.

AGM is 24th January in Mount Hermon at 7.30 pm where any nominations for Committee will be most welcome. Items for agenda also welcomed. Where are all our younger members hiding?