Membership Subscriptions

Please note that membership subscriptions (£4.00 per household) are due on the 1st October each year.

The Association welcomes new members. Payment can be made at the evening talks, the Annual and Spring shows, the Association’s shop, Addingham Newsagents or directly to the Association Secretary, Jill Cooke who can be contacted on (01943) 830108 or via email

Please pay your subscriptions by the due date to ensure to continue to enjoy the benefits of membership of the Association.

Association Shop

The Association’s shop, which stocks composts, fertilisers and other products, is open to paid up members every Sunday, 9.30 to 11.00 am from late February until the first Sunday in June. It is then usually open on the first Sunday of each month with the exception of December and January.

Annual Show

Please note in your diaries that the Association’s Annual Show will be held on Saturday, 8th August.  Start planning now for your vegetable, fruit, flower, floral art, handicraft and photographic entries.

This year we are going to have a new class. The Association have purchased ten packets of dwarf Suntastic F1 sunflower seeds from Dobies. These will be packaged up into envelopes with two seeds in each and growing instructions. The intention is that they are planted up in pots and then brought along as beautiful sunflower plants to the Annual Show where they will form a new class. The seeds will be distributed free of charge, initially at the Spring Show for anyone who would like take part.  Please tell your friends and family and encourage them to take part and enter their sunflowers in the show.

Association Website and Facebook Pages

Please see the Association’s website, or ‘Addingham Allotments & Gardens Association’ on Facebook for details of our events and activities.

Addingham Allotments

 and Gardens Association

40th Spring Flower Show and Coffee Morning

Addingham Memorial Hall

Saturday, 4th April 2020

10.30 am – 12 noon

Entries on the day

See inside for details of classes, rules and timings

Admission £2.00 (children free) at the door including refreshments

Further details from the Show Secretary Peter Cooke;

 (01943) 830108 or

Show Rules

The judge’s decision is final.

The Committee shall be empowered to settle any disputes which may arise.

Entry fees are 50p per entry. Children’s entries are free.

Class numbers indicated in this 2020 Spring Show schedule must be used.

Up to two entries per person may be entered in each class.

Prize money will be awarded;    First     £3.00, Second   £2.00 and Third £1.00

The Low Mill Cup will be awarded for first place in class 1 and The Tom Benstead Trophy will be awarded for first place in class 19.

Show Timings

Entries taken on show morning                                                 8.00 am – 9.00 am

Exhibitors to have vacated hall by                                                         9.15 am

Judging                                                                                                            9.15 am – 10.30 am

General public admitted from                                                                 10.30 am

Drawing of the raffle and presentation of trophies                     12 noon

Schedule of Classes

Class                                                    Description


1          One vase of 10 cut mixed Daffodils, any varieties

2          One vase of 3 cut Daffodils one variety only – Trumpet

3          One vase of 3 cut Daffodils one variety only – Cup

4          One vase of 3 cut Daffodils one variety only – Multi-flowered/Double

5          One vase of 3 cut Daffodils one variety only – Miniature

6          One vase of 3 cut Daffodils one variety only – Multicoloured/Bi-                         coloured

7          One vase of 3 cut Tulips one variety only

8          One vase of 6 cut mixed Tulips, any varieties

9          One container of cut Primulae, Polyanthus or Primrose with or                           without foliage, 5 stems

10        One vase of flowers from trees and/or shrubs, not more than 3 varieties           and maximum of 5 stems

11        One vase of Hellebores, 1 stem

12        One small vase of Violas, 2 colours and 2 stems of each

13        One vase with a single stem of any flower not specified above

14        One pot or bowl of one or more alpine or rockery plants in flower

15        One specimen succulent or cactus plant

16        One container of growing bulbs or corms in flower any variety or varieties

17        One container of growing miniature Daffodils – Any dwarf single flowered          or multi-flowered stem variety

18        One pot plant shown by an exhibitor who has not previously won a first

            prize in this section

19        One Orchid (must have been in your care 6 months prior to the show)

20        One Primula in a pot, any variety

21        One foliage pot plant

22        One flowering pot plant in flower, any variety not specified above

Floral Art (Bought flowers are allowed and niches will be set out)

23        Hand tied bouquet ‘A Celebration of Spring’. All round style.

24        A table centrepiece ‘Spring’. Flowers and Foliage.

Photography (To be displayed unmounted with a maximum size of 10″ x 8″)

25        Photograph depicting ‘Spring Colours’

               Classes for the Annual Show will be; ‘Lazy Days of Summer’ and ‘Summer Blooms’


26        Art depicting ‘Spring has Sprung’


27        A Favourite Traybake – 4 pieces

28        Four Plain or Fruit Scones

Children’s Classes

29        Reception/Years 1 and 2                      Collage of a Spring lamb

30        Years 3 and 4                                       Spring Blossom Card                            

31        Years 5 and 6                                       Design a Wellington Boot Remover.


Flowers                         David Allison

Floral Art                                  Stephanie Edwards

Photography                 John Fontana

Art                                            Carol Warneford

Baking                          Trevor Kent Children’s                                 Elaine Ackroyd and Marion