Spring Newsletter

It is now that the conscientious will be cleaning the tools, throwing out rubbish from the shed and thinking of planning next years programme. Peter Cooke can take seed orders, the shop has plenty of new compost and we will shortly be getting supplies of fertilisers so there is no excuses for poor displays at the Spring Show.

We could pray for cessation of the deluges but so far the doves have come back and reported no signs of dry ground.

Overall last year treated us reasonably well. The two shows were favourably commented on by our judges and compared with several other village associations we are holding our own. The major change to our organisation is the introduction of social media in bringing to member’s attention what plans we have and advise of upcoming events. Do check out our new Facebook page.

We also have a change in the Association’s Secretary, Carol Hindle has after many years stout service decided to take a break and we have been fortunate in having Jill Cooke as the new post holder. To recognise the service that Carol has given we have made her a life member.

I hope 2020 brings good fortune and we can get on with cultivation without the ‘B’ word forever blasting our ears.

Douglas McCowan, your Chairman

Find ‘Addingham Allotments & Gardens Association’ on Facebook.

Check out our new page. Jeff Walbank has been busy sharing news and encouraging us in our gardening endeavours.

Join in the conversation, share ideas and upload your photographs.

Seed Ordering Scheme

If you haven’t already ordered your seeds it’s not too late to take advantage of the Association’s seed discount scheme with Dobies. 

Just contact Peter Cooke on 01943 830108 to arrange collection of a catalogue. All paid up members of the Association can receive a 25% discount off catalogue prices for seeds and a more modest discount for plug plants and sundries. In addition our Association receives a modest dividend at the end of the year based on your purchases.

You can order on-line from the Dobies website, www.dobies.co.uk, by post or over the phone and your purchases will be delivered direct to your home. Our Association’s unique code is required and so if you plan to order from the website contact Peter first.

The Allotment Shop is Opening for the New Gardening Year

Spring must be on the way. The allotment shop will open for trading for the first time on February 23rd from 9.30 to 11.00 and then weekly at the same time until June 7th.

All paid up members are welcome to come along and purchase their compost, soil improvers, fleece, canes and other sundries from the container at Town End Allotments at the top of Stockinger Lane. Prices are held at 2019 prices and allotment chat and advice come free so do come along and support this enterprise.

Spring Show

Our Spring Show will be held on Saturday 4th April in the Memorial Hall from 10.30 to 12.00. Entries are held at 50p per entry (children’s classes free) and are to be made on the day between 8am and 9am. Schedules will be available from the Newsagents, The Hub, and The Library or simply download a copy from our website or Facebook page.

Our village enjoys supporting us and seeing what we do so let’s make it the best show yet. It would be great if every member put in at least one entry.

Remember there are Flower, Floral Art, Photography, Art, Baking and Children’s classes and it’s fun, it’s about taking part, sharing tips and ideas.

Addingham Primary School Gardening Club

School gardening club will resume after the half term break. We are going to be busy transforming our patch into ‘The Mrs Gregory Memorial Garden’.

We’ve removed the old bark chips that had de-composed.  New weed suppressant fabric is going down and also gravel. The fence is being repaired too. We’ve already planted bulbs in Mrs Gregory’s favourite colours. We hope to have our renaming ceremony in spring.

This will be our tenth year of gardening at the primary school.

Doesn’t time fly?

Gill Walbank

Garden Visit

Look out for an announcement and details of the Association’s summer garden visit, which will again be organised by Sue Appleyard. As in previous year’s a coach will be booked and we will be visiting a notable garden. We are sure it will be a great day out. Details will follow shortly.

Exciting New Class for the Annual Show

For this year’s show we are going to have a new class, which everyone is welcome to enter.

We have purchased 200 dwarf Suntastic F1 sunflower seeds from Dobies. These will be packaged up into envelopes with two seeds in each with growing instructions.

The intention is that the seeds are taken away, planted up in pots and then brought along as beautiful sunflower plants at the Annual Show where they will form a new class.

The seeds will be distributed free of charge, initially at the Spring Show for anyone who would like take part. 

Please tell your friends and family and encourage them to take part and enter their sunflowers in the show.

Dates for your Diary:

27th February 7.30pm at Mount Hermon : David Metcalfe- A Masterclass in Vegetable Growing

26th March 7.30 at Mount Hermon:  Tracey Blackwell – Tales of a Drystone Waller

Please send your top tips and contributions for inclusion in the Summer Newsletter to jillcooke999@gmail.com