I hope you all survived the Boxing Day deluge. My garden was awash with water everywhere, but Nature, as always played it’s part again and the garden has come to “life” again this Springtime thankfully.

We’ve already had a couple of Committee meetings this year and the programme of future events is well under way. Bob Hodgson has already some interesting speakers for the next season and the Shop at the top of Stockinger lane, will be open as usual (for dates, check with your Membership Card).

The open Day in April , organised by Doug McCowan was a real success  and it was good to see some new faces . For those who were unable to come, please bear in mind that the more people who use that facility the more we are able to buy and sell. My thanks to all those members of the committee who helped Doug on this occasion. It was very worthwhile.

As for the Spring Show, another successful event. We were blessed with a beautiful morning weather wise and it was good to see so many people.

A lovely show with plenty to see and with some delightful exhibits. A large number of  children from School produced some excellent pictures for the Show,  obviously encouraged by Jane and Gill, thank you Ladies.  Thanks go to Ramon Porter who organised the Show, the Committee, judges and “back stage”folk,  as usual a superb effort..

I look forward to our next big event, The Autumn Show to be held in the Memorial Hall on August 9th 2016 hope to see you there.

Tom Benstead (Chairman)


SHOP The open day was held on the 20th of March and was reckoned to be a success. The date was well advertised with a village wide campaign of posters and diary notifications. The good Lord must have been on our side as we also had a reasonable days weather. The emphasis was to bring to people’s attention that we did have a shop, what it stocked and that if users wanted it to continue and flourish, the need to make sure it was used. Members of the committee were on hand to answer queries and demonstrate the quality of the goods on sale. An initial assessment of the period since the open day shows that turnover is up, membership renewal is going well and it is pleasing to see new members signing up. In the next two months the shop will continue to be open on Sunday from 0930hrs until 1100hrs so there is time to get compost and fertilisers in to ensure bumper crops.    Douglas

SCHOOL GARDENING CLUB       We have had new bark chippings put down over the Easter holidays and we hope this will keep down the weeds!  The children have been busy sowing seeds including Zinnia, petunias, cucamelon! cabbages, baby sweetcorn, marigolds, peas and sweetpeas to name a few.  The greenhouse is full to bursting with plants and seedlings.   In the garden last week we planted out the potatoes and we also have garlic and onion sets growing well, despite the cold weather. The flower beds are full of daffodils and tulips adding a splash of colour.  Happy Gardening.