Contact Addingham Allotments and Garden Association

Addingham AGA Officers

President Bill Preston

Chairman Douglas McCowan

Vice-Chairman Carol Hindle

Treasurer  Michael Longden

Secretary Carol Hindle
Phone 01943 839284
Email Carol Hindle


Jill Cooke

Peter Cooke

Wendy Palmer

Margaret Porter

Simon Tennant

Gill Walbank

Linda Whitehead



Honorary Life Members:

Mr & Mrs D Smith

Mrs B Gell

Mrs M Holmes

If you are interested in becoming a member please contact Carol Hindle or alternatively pop along to our Garden Shop on the Newtown Allotments site which is at the top of Stockinger Lane, where we are open from 09:30 until 11:00 on the first Sunday of every month and then weekly from the end of February until the beginning of June.

Allotments are owned by the Parish Council for Addingham residents therefore any enquiries regarding Allotments please contact the Parish Council Parish Clerk or Simon Tennant 07751189334

If you have any general questions then please click here to make contact.