Addingham Allotments and Gardens Association held their Annual Show on Saturday, 11th August. The show was well supported by both exhibitors and visitors although the number of entries was considerably lower than the record numbers of the previous year. The reduced number of entries in the vegetable, fruit and flower categories was not surprising given the challenging conditions for growing quality produce this year.  The cold wet weather of winter has been followed by a summer of scorching temperatures and drought conditions.

When the staging of exhibits was complete there was a surprisingly impressive display of quality vegetables ready for judging. Other entries included a large number of apples that had ripened earlier than usual this year, flowers with fewer than usual dahlia and sweet peas on display, a relatively small number of high quality floral art exhibits, a good number of entries in the competitive ‘Bake Off’ classes, jams and preserves, well executed handicrafts, photographs depicting ‘In the Garden’ and a large number of entries for the three children’s classes.

Thanks are due to the Association’s committee, friends, exhibitors and the judges who collectively made the show a success.

Prize winners were presented with their trophies by Dr Bearpark; Best in Vegetables to Jill Cooke for her peas, the Best Collection of Vegetables and Most points in Vegetables to Jeff Walbank, Best in Fruit to G Emsley-Sharp for raspberries, Best in Flowers, Best in Dahlias and Best in Sweet Peas to Ramon Porter, Best in Roses to Marilyn Harding, Best in Floral Art to Alexis McCowan for her inventive and attractive entry, Best for Handtied Bouquet to Natalie Smith, Best in Homecraft to Susan Appleyard for her intricate cross stitch picture, Most points in Homecraft to Liz Powell, Best Photograph to P Sparrow, Best in Children’s section to Lauren Gorse and for the Most Points in the Show to Jeff Walbank.

The Parish Council’s trophies were presented for Best Allotment to Donald Smith and for Best Commercial Frontage to The Sailor. Addingham Garden Friends awards were made for Best Front Garden to Anne Bottomley and for Best Hanging Basket to B James.

The Association are keen to encourage more competitors to enter their shows. Potential exhibitors are reminded that to enter you do not need to live in Addingham, have an allotment or even a garden. Everyone is welcome to enter, complete novice or experienced exhibitor.  ‘It is the taking part that counts’.

The Association’s next show will be the Spring Show, which will be held in April 2019. Full details will be published in the show schedule and on the Association’s website

The full set of results for the Annual Show are;

Vegetables; Broad beans, 1 G Emsley-Sharp; Runner beans, 1 J Cooke, 2 M Harding, 3 J Walbank; Dwarf and climbing beans, 1 M Robinson, 2 P Hindle, 3 D Park; Longest runner bean, 1 M Harding; Peas, 1 J Cooke, 2 J Walbank; Carrots, 1 R Porter, 2 R Porter, 3 J Walbank; Courgette, 1 E Poulter, 2 C Acomb, 3 J Cooke; Cucumber 1 J Walbank, 2 D Dinsdale, 3 J Cooke; Lettuce, 1 S Farley, 2 L Lister, 3 F Pickard; Marrow, 1 J Cooke, 2 D Park, 3 P Hindle; Onions (max. weight of 250g each), 1 J Walbank, 2 Addingham Primary School, 3 D Park; Shallots, 2 R Porter; Potatoes white, 2 J Walbank; Potatoes coloured, 1 J Wallbank, 3 J Cooke;Tomatoes,1 J Walbank, 2 G Emsley-Sharp, 3 R Porter; Tomatoes (Cherry), 1 G Emsley-Sharp, 2 J Walbank, 3 G Emsley-Sharp; Beetroot, 1 J Walbank, 2 L Lister, 3 S Farley; Rhubarb, 1 D Park, S Farley, 3 G Emsley-Sharp, Any other vegetable, 1 R Porter, 2 J Cooke, 3 E Poulter; Collection of vegetables, 1 J Walbank, 2 J Cooke. Fruit; Dessert apples, 1 P Hindle, 2 S Farley, 3 S Tomlinson; Cooking apples, 1 R Porter, 2 S Tomlinson, 3 C Acomb; Dish of hard fruit, 1 S Tomlinson, 2 C Acomb; Dish of Berries, 1 G Emsley-Sharp, 2 C Acomb, 3 J Cooke; Dish of Stringed fruit, 1 R Appleyard, 2 S Farley, 3 M Harding.

Flowers; Vase of Dahlias (same variety), 1 R Porter; Vase of Dahlias (any mix of varieties), 1 R Porter, 2 J Cooke;  Sweet peas (any variety or mix of varieties), 1 R Porter, 2 W Preston; Sweet Peas (one variety), 1 R Porter, 2 W Preston, 3 C Hindle; One Hybrid Tea Rose for scent, 1 M Harding, 2 M Jarrett, 3 M Tetley; 3 stems of Roses, 1 M Jarrett, 2 M Tetley; Annuals, 1 J Acomb; Perennials, 1 R Appleyard, 2 C Hindle; Pot plant, 1 C Hollings, 2 J Cooke, 3 C Hollings; One vase of mixed flowering stems, 1 S Appleyard, 2 J Tomlinson, 3 P Atkinson; Herb in a pot, N Bannister, 2 A Robinson, 3 J Walbank; Jam jar of mixed herbs, 1 G Emsley-Sharp, 2 J Acomb, 3 N Bannister.

Floral Art; A hand tied bouquet, 1 N Smith, 2 N Smith; An arrangement of flowers in an unusual container, 1 A McCowan, 2 J Acomb, 3 N Smith;   Miniature arrangement, 1 N Bannister, 2 N Smith, 3 N Smith.

Homecrafts; Jams and Preserves; Jam or Jelly Preserve, 1 C Acomb, 2 J Tomlinson, 3 C Acomb; Lemon Curd, 1 C Hindle; Marmalade, 1 E Powell, 2 J Tomlinson, 3 P Atkinson; Baking;  Loaf of Bread, 1 C Acomb, 2 P Atkinson, 3 E Poulter; Fruit scones, 1 E Powell, 2 P Atkinson, 3 E Powell; Savoury Tart/Quiche, 1 E Powell, 2 C Walker; “My favourite cake”, 1 J Acomb, 2 E Sullivan, 3 V Farley; Victoria Sandwich, 1 J Tomlinson, 2 M Tetley, 3 E Powell; Tray bakes, 1 E Powell, 2 C Walker, 3 J Tomlinson; Handicrafts;  Knitted or crocheted item, 1 L Lister, 2 M Harding, 3 L Lister; Embroidery and Cross Stitch, 1 S Appleyard, 2 M Harding, 3 S Preston; Tapestry, 1 J Tomlinson, 2 M Harding; Handmade greetings card, 1 J Acomb, 2 M Harding; Any other craft, 1 W Green, 2 M Harding, 3 W Green.

Photography  depicting ‘In the Garden’, 1 P Sparrow, 2 M Jarrett, 3 E Powell.

Children’s Section; Reception and years 1 and 2 Painted vegetable face, 1 Lauren Gorse, 2 Finbar Sharp, 3 Joseph Cate; Years 3 and 4 Blown paint flower, 1 Amelie Dunn, 2 Lola Rayner, 3 T Chamber-Lee; Years 5 and 6 Handwritten and illustrated poem ‘The Gardener” by Beatrix Potter, 1 Annie Truluck, 2 Amelie Bone, 3 Haddy Taal.