Guidance for Exhibitors
Exhibitors should make sure they read the schedule carefully to help ensure they meet the requirements. This year, there are changes to the schedule with the consolidation of a number of classes to make them more competitive and the withdrawal of some that were less popular.
Entries must be registered EITHER on Wednesday, 8th August at the Memorial Hall between 6.30 pm and 8.00 pm OR delivered/posted with payment to Peter Cooke at 2 Hodgson Fold, Addingham, LS29 0HA prior to this date. Entries cannot be accepted after 8th August or by telephone at any time.
Entry costs are 50p per exhibit.
Prize money will be awarded in all classes; 1st prize £3.00, 2nd prize £2.00 and 3rd prize £1.00.
All classes are open to all exhibitors.
For the interest of visitors to the show please, if possible, enter details of your entries including the name of varieties on the exhibit cards.
Trophies are to be returned, cleaned and polished please, to Sue Appleyard (01943 839292) or Carol Hindle (01943 839284), at least two weeks before next year’s Annual Show.
Show Timings
Staging of exhibits 8.30 am to 10.20 am
Judging of exhibits (only judges and
show officials to remain in hall) 10.30 am to 12 noon
Public entry to the hall 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm
Prize presentation 3.45 pm

Show Rules
The show will be conducted in accordance with the following rules;
1. The judges are empowered to withhold any prize for an exhibit not deemed worthy, or for an exhibit entered in the wrong class.
2. The committee shall be empowered to settle any dispute which may arise.
3. Exhibits must have been grown by the exhibitor in their own garden or
Allotment with the exception of all classes in Floral Art.
4. All entries are made at the sole risk of their owners.
5. Prize money must be collected on the day of the show. Any not collected on the day will be deemed to have been donated to the Association’s funds.
6. Exhibitors must set up entries for the Flowers classes, in the Association’s vases, on the tables provided and not on the show tables please.
7. An entry fee of 50p is charged for each entry on the form. Children’s entries are free but please show ages on the form.
8. Only two entries per person may be made in each class.
9. Each entry must be entered under one name and joint entries cannot be accepted.


Henderson Cup – Best in Vegetables
Hadley Cup – Best Collection
Peter Hindle Cup – Most points in Vegetables
1 Broad beans (6 no.)
2 Runner beans (6 no.)
3 Dwarf and climbing beans (6 no.)
4 Longest runner bean (1 no.)
5 Peas with calyx attached (6 no.)
6 Carrots trimmed to 75mm (3 no.)

7 Cabbage either red or green, to be cut open by the judge, with stalk attached (1 no.)

8 Courgette, 10—20 cm in length, with flowers attached (1 pair)

9 Cucumber (1 no.)
10 Lettuce with stalk attached (1 no.)
11 Marrow with maximum length of 40cm (1 no.)
12 Onions, dressed with maximum weight of 250g each (3 no.)
13 Onions, dressed with minimum weight of 250g each (3 no.)
14 Shallots, displayed on a dish (6 no.)
15 Leeks (3 no.)
16 Potatoes white, with no colour but any variety (4 no.)
17 Potatoes coloured, any variety (4 no.)
18 Tomatoes with calyx attached (4 no.)
19 Tomatoes, cherry with calyx attached (6 no.)
20 Beetroot, to be cut by the judge (3 no.)
21 Rhubarb with 75mm of leaf per stalk (3 stalks)
22 Any other vegetable
23 Collection of vegetables with 6 different varieties with quantities as above, to be displayed on a tray with internal measurements not to exceed 60cm x 60cm.
The Association Fruit – Best in Fruit
24 Dessert apples with stalk and leaves left on, one variety (3 no.)
25 Cooking apples with stalk and leaves, one variety (3 no.)
26 Dish of hard fruit (i.e. fruit with stones) including peaches, with stalks attached from one variety (3 no.)
27 Dish of Berries (i.e. Raspberries, gooseberries and Blueberries) with stalks attached, all the same variety (9 no.)
28 Dish of 3 stringed fruit, including the strings, all same the variety (3 no.)

Cut flowers are to be displayed in the Association’s vases
Ridley Cup – Best in flower section
Arthur Flint Memorial Salver – Best in Dahlias
Pat McShee Memorial Rose Bowl – Best in Roses
Tom Lancaster Salver – Best in Sweet Peas
29 One vase of 5 Dahlias, same variety
30 One vase of 5 Dahlias, any mix of varieties
31 Sweet peas any variety or mix of varieties (9 stems)
32 Sweet Peas, one variety (5 stems)
33 Gladioli (3 spikes)
34 One Hybrid Tea Rose for scent
35 3 Roses of any variety
36 3 stems of Roses, same variety in stages of bud to fully open
37 Annuals, one or more varieties (6 stems)
38 Perennials, one or more varieties (6 stems)
39 Pelargonium/Geranium (17.5cm maximum pot size)
40 Pot plant, flowering or foliage (17.5cm maximum pot size)
41 One vase of mixed flowering stems, minimum of 5, maximum of 10 taken from a minimum of two different kinds of plants. Please note that two varieties of the same plant are not two kinds.
42 Herb in a pot
43 Jam jar of mixed herbs
Floral Art
The maximum size of exhibits for class 45 is to be 50cms wide, 50cms deep and 60cms high so that they fit within the dimensions of the display niches, which will be set out.
Exhibits may only be moved by the owner or the Show Secretary.
Jubilee Rose bowl – Best in Floral Art
John Carroll Salver – Best in Class 44
44 A hand tied bouquet, ‘all round’ style to be displayed in a vase
45 An arrangement of flowers in an unusual container
46 Miniature arrangement, maximum size 10cm

Society trophy – Best in homecraft i.e. Jams and Preserves, Baking and
Chairman’s Cup – Most points in Homecraft
Jams and Preserves
1lb jars are to be used
47 One jar of Jam or Jelly Preserve, any variety
48 One jar of Lemon Curd
49 One jar of Marmalade, any citrus fruit
The use of electric bread makers is not allowed
All baking exhibits must be displayed covered with plastic cling film
50 One loaf, white or brown, any shape
51 Four fruit scones
52 A Savoury Tart/Quiche
53 “My favourite cake”
54 A Victoria Sandwich with jam filling and icing sugar
55 Tray bakes (4 slices)
56 Any knitted or crotched item, not previously exhibited
57 Embroidery and Cross Stitch not previously exhibited
58 A tapestry not previously exhibited
59 A handmade greetings card for any occasion
60 Any other craft of your choice other than from the classes above, Size not to exceed 40cms wide, 40cms deep and 40cms high


Photographs are to be unmounted but may be backed onto card.
The maximum size of photographs is 12” x 8”
The Elizabeth Powell Photographic Trophy – Best photograph
61 A photograph depicting ‘In the Garden’
Children’s Section
Children’s Cup – Best in Children’s section
62 Reception and years 1 and 2 – Painted vegetable face (A5 size)
63 Years 3 and 4 – Blown paint flower on a card
64 Years 5 and 6 – Handwritten and illustrated poem ‘The Gardener” by Beatrix Potter

Other prizes and trophies awarded and presented at the Show are:
The Fleece Cup – Most points in show
Allotment Plate plus £10, sponsored by the Parish Council
Parish Council Cup – Best commercial frontage on Main Street
Best kept garden plus £30 awarded by the Parish Council
Vegetables and Fruit Peter Bradshaw
Flowers Stephen Ryan
Floral Art Sandra Harder
Jams and Preserves Daphne Baxter
Baking Cathy Cromarty
Handicrafts Margaret Creek
Children’s Classes Elaine Ackroyd and Dawn Emsley
Photography Sharon and Tim Sawyer

Addingham Allotments and Gardens Association Annual Show Entry Form




Name         Exhibitor’s
Address         Number
Telephone no.          
Email address          
Class No. of Class No. of Class No. of
Number Entries Number Entries Number Entries
1   25   49  
2   26   50  
3   27   51  
4   28   52  
5   29   53  
6   30   54  
7   31   55  
8   32   56  
9   33   57  
10   34   58  
11   35   59  
12   36   60  
13   37   61  
14   38   62  
15   39   63  
16   40   64  
17   41      
18   42      
19   43      
20   44      
21   45      
22   46      
23   47   Total no.  
24   48   of Entries  


Addingham Allotments and Gardens Association Annual Show Entry Form


Name       Exhibitor’s




Class No. of Class No. of Class No. of
Number Entries Number Entries Number Entries
1   25   49  
2   26   50  
3   27   51  
4   28   52  
5   29   53  
6   30   54  
7   31   55  
8   32   56  
9   33   57  
10   34   58  
11   35   59  
12   36   60  
13   37   61  
14   38   62  
15   39   63  
16   40   64  
17   41      
18   42      
19   43      
20   44      
21   45      
22   46      
23   47   Total no.  
24   48   of Entries